About me

Hi! I’m Helga Payawal-Vergara and I’m a scrapaholic. I’ve been a scrapaholic since 2003. I am married to Gilfred and he very much supports my addiction to this craft. According to him “Scrapbooking is actually the only craft that I have really sustained.” I can’t blame him for saying that because I have invested in other crafts that I didn’t really continue. I’ve been into sewing, painting, cross stitching, ribbon embroidery, crocheting, name it I’ve done it! But it is only scrapbooking that I really continued. Thanks to my scrapaholic friends who have continued to inspire and encourage me to continue with this craft. This craft may be expensive, but who cares it is worth every penny. It is my creative outlet. It also serves as a stress buster after a day of working as a preschool teacher and Preschool coordinator.

I love to scrap photos of my family especially our son Ike. He is so lucky that I got into this hobby even before he was conceived. I was able to document his growth and milestones.

As a scrapbooker, I love to layer papers and different elements. I usually hand cut paper designs to use as an embellishment. I like to use multi-photos on my pages. I am known to have lots of texture and dimension on my designs. Since I usually scrap photos of my son I usually use bright colors. I love to combine red and blue or yellow, orange and brown simply because they are colors that would complement boy layouts. I also love to experiment and combine different technique just so I won’t get bored with my designs. This has made me become a better scrapbooker. I also love joining online contests and challenges because they help me improve my layouts and teaches me to become versatile.

It is my dream to be part of a design team and to be published someday. I hope this will come true soon.

Guest Designer Stints

Scrapbukan - February 2008


September'09 The mosy Scrapper Monthly contest winner.

August'2009 Finalist Scrappinmoms Idol Contest

Second Runner Up Scrappin Kids Marathon-October, 2008

Scrappin Kids Weekend of Challenges -September,2008

Scrappin Kids I Did It Challenge- July, 2008
Honorable Mention Scrapscene Mini Album Challenge- August, 2007
Scrapbukan MME Challenge- August, 2007
All About Scrapbooking Scrap Challenge, Second Place- February, 2005
All About Scrapbooking Scrap Challenge, Second Place- May, 2004
Dreambook to HongKong by Jam 88.9, Top 15- October,2003